Investing in your children is investing in your future

Over 90% of our students achieve A Grades in their GCSE's. For 15 years many of our students have helped us prove a track record of success in pass rates whether it be SATs, 11+ or GCSE exams. We prepare our students to excel their academic skills and education at an early age.

It's essential for you to realize the problem we all face in today's technologically advanced age. The new generations are unfortunately being dumbed-down, ironically due to the advancement in technology. Smartphones, Sat nav and similar developments are invented to make life easier for us. We live in a time where all things are simplified, so much so that an enormous amount of information is accessible on a small device in young people's back pockets at any given time.

Although this is beneficial, if you don't take the time to invest in educating your children it could as well be detrimental because it results in your children's lives becoming intellectually undemanding.

Investing in your children is investing in your future.

Many of our students at a very young age are being recognized due to their accomplishments and are invited by universities to attend lectures or have received complimentary letters from the royal family as a result of excelling in education. We believe that motivation plays a vital role in the success of our students that is why we use a special methodology to ensure that our students enjoy studying and are result oriented in achieving exceptional grades. We implement a psychological technique based on rewards helping students stay focused and maintain motivation.

Tuition provided at Advance Tutors not only enables students to thrive in their academic life but also ensures that they do extremely well in their practical life hence why most of our students are now university graduates moving on to work in professional careers.

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Our Services

11 Plus Exam Prep

Year 6 primary school children reaching the age of 11 years sit for the 11 Plus exam to test whether they’re suitable for grammar schools. The exams cover subjects including non verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, English comprehension and some vocabulary questions.

GCSE Exam Prep

We are happy to say that most of our students have achieved great positions in professional careers due to exceptional GCSE results. This exam plays a vital role in the opportunities a student gets after secondary school. We specialize in activating the abilities in students to comprehend the subjects covered in the extensive GCSE exams. […]

SATS Exam Prep

At Advance Tutors we provide special coaching sessions for students in year 2, 6 and 9 who are appearing for SATS exams at the end of each key stage. We’re an exclusive tuition provider for children, not only do we emphasize on academic achievement but also on development of interpersonal skills.


Individual Attention

We have created learning enhancement courses working in small groups of children to ensure that each child gets proper individual attention.

Advance Tutors help children in gaining confidence to achieve their goal. Our students are very well prepared to perform best in their exams and acquire high scores at a very high success rate.

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