Eleven Plus is an exam taken by the students in year 6 of primary school that are reaching the age of 11 years. The purpose of this exam is to test the students and establish whether children appearing for the test are suitable for rigorous academic education of grammar schools.

In other words students are tested to determine whether they are ready to get into the grammar school of their parents choice.
There's been few changes that have been introduced to the eleven plus exam system. Since 2013 The system changed from GL assessment to CEM. Different subjects are being incorporated into the Buckinghamshire 11+ exam as well. This change includes non verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, English comprehension and some vocabulary questions packaged with verbal reasoning.

At Advance Tutors we believe in hard work and dedication. As we work in small groups of children we make sure that each child gets proper attention. We test our students regularly to monitor their progress and encouraging them to overcome on their weaknesses. We encourage our students to work hard so that they can achieve the required target of passing the eleven plus exam and eventually get into grammar schools.

Tuition in Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and non Verbal reasoning for 11 plus exams and common entrance exams is our focus in slough, Langley , Maidenhead, Windsor and surrounding areas.

We help children in gaining confidence to achieve their goal of getting into grammar schools and passing the common entrance exams. 

We ensure that children during their tuition lessons manage their time efficiently so that they can complete their test papers.  All children who follow our course are very well prepared to perform best in their 11 plus and common entry exams.