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I have three boys. I sent all my three children to advance tutors for private tuition. My oldest son is in University now, but younger two boys still go to advance tutors for tuition. My oldest boy joined advance tutors when he was in year 8. Prior to joining advance tutors my son was struggling in his education but because of personal coaching of Mr Imran my son achieved a lot in Maths, English and science and he secured A and A star grades in his GCSE.

When my oldest son joined advance tutors at that time he was feeling very demoralized and he did not have any interest in his studies but with the coaching of Mr Imran and his tutors my son started taking interest in his studies. 

I am so happy with advance tutors that I will highly recommend everyone to send their children to advance tutors for quality education.

Mrs Nouf

My name is Tania Tanga and I completed my GCSE in 2013 and I would like to share my story. When I was in year 8 I was very weak in my English maths and science. I hardly had any experience in essay writing in English and I was very poor in algebra in maths. I did not have any interest in science. I have never performed well in my studies at my school. I was addicted to fun activities such as computer games x box and play station. As my both the parents were in full time employment and they hardly have any time for me to teach me and I also was not interested in studies.

My very close friend Nadine used to attend classes at advance tutors. Prior to joining advance tutors slough she was also not performing well in her studies. At the end of year 8 when our teachers handed in our end of the year school reports then I noticed that Nadine has improved a lot in her maths English and science. She achieved her target grades where as I was two to three levels below than my target grades. This all was very distressing for me and I was feeling myself very helpless.

Nadine noticed my sad mood, after enquiring she suggested me to join advance tutors for extra coaching and help. I still remember that on a piece of paper she wrote for me advance tutors slough website address which was and she suggested me to speak to my parents for extra help in my studies. Advance tutors are located in slough and they offer maths English and science tuition to GCSE, KS3, KS2 and KS1 students. They also provide tuition to 11 plus students in slough area. I e

I came home and at the dinner table I requested my parents that I want to join advance tutors for extra help in my studies as I am struggling in my studies . I also showed them website and phone number and my parents allowed me to join advance tutors.

I started attending regular tuition lessons at advance tutors slough and then I started noticing my academic success in my school. My aptitude to learning started improving. My maths and English comprehension skills started improving. My understanding and interest in science also became fabulous   which ultimately led to improvement in my school results and grades.

Here I would like say that anyone who is looking to improve their school results and wants to improve their grades at GCSE should definitely join

Tania Tanga

Ex-student at Advance Tutors Slough