Do you have a child in primary school in year 2 or year 6?

SATS stands for Standard Assessment Tests also known as the national curriculum test . These are tests given at the end of every key stage. We provide special coaching sessions for students who are appearing for SATS exams.

The purpose of this exam is to compare students educational level and to ensure that schools are helping pupils to master the basics in English and mathematics. They are also an important tool to help teachers identify pupils who may need additional support or those that are above standard.

Key Stage 1 Tests – Year 2 Pupils

The tests can be taken any time during May and they are not strictly timed. Most pupils won’t know they are taking them as teachers will incorporate them into everyday classroom practice.

Key stage 2 tests – Year 6 pupils

The key stage 2 tests will be taken on set dates unless your child is absent.

Subjects covered in SATS exams are English, Mathematics, English Literature, Grammar and Spelling. 

We provide past papers and study books to prepare your child to excel in these subjects before hand.

At Advance Tutors, we run regular classes for SATS preparation focusing on the child's specific need. A learning experience designed to help them improve on the subjects they need help on most.

Advance Tutors is an exclusive tuition provider for children where not only we emphasize on academic achievement but also on development of interpersonal skills. Our students achieve tremendously high scores in SATS results giving them a head start in the upcoming 11+ examination.